Brokenness Before God

Are you really surrendering all that i have and all that I am to God All Mighty, creator of the heavens and the earth, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Beginning and the End, the Great I AM, the Consuming Fire? How do you know if you are or not?

When I say Surrendering, I mean living a life in such a way that is ALL about God’s WillNOTHING ELSE!

Doing this will require many things from you; People that you love (like your spouse, children, mom, dad, grandparents), things that you want or desire (Better Job, a nice car, higher salary, a Big home, Physical Strength, Financial security), things that you aspire to be or do ( career, travel, marriage, (personal goals)). These things may be asked and taken from you in the times when you need them the most. For it is then that we see how much we depend on the Living God.

You see, it’s so easy for anyone to come and pray to God when he or she has not been torn apart from everything that was mentioned in the last paragraph. Its like when we are in our first Love with Christ. Personally I remember praying something like this,  “Lord I love you and I want to do your will God, no matter what happens, no matter what it is that you want of me just ask me and I will do it Lord, please use me” and I would then remember what men of God like Abraham, Joseph, Moses and Isiah said when God spoke to them, they said, “Here I am” when God talked to them and God used them in a great and mighty way. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with praying this however,  as I continue to grow spiritually, I have come to see and learn through experience that in order for me or anyone else that is reading this, to do God’s Will I MUST ABANDON MY WILL.

This is where the test of fire comes. This is where in order for us to do and follow God’s will, we must truthfully surrender, give up all the things that we desire.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”                                          – 2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

We have to dwell in Christ at all times, becoming someone that is so different to who we were, that there won’t be any need for us to tell anybody that we changed, for they will see Christ in you. It is ONLY thru Christ that we will be able to receive total transformation and a whole new perspective of life like the Apostle Paul.

This however is not something that happens in a blink of an eye. FBrokenness Before Godor it’s not just with a repeated prayer that you say one Sunday night at the church that will bring forth this change in you. The Complete transformation and renewal of our mind comes only after we surrender everything that we are and have to God. It is then that He will take you and give you the perfect shape that He desires for you. Just like the clay, in order to pass from being “dirt” to becoming a beautiful pottery, it has to be put in the hands of the pottery master. The master, before it does anything with this clay, he already has a plan as to what he want to make out of the clay. So he takes it, shapes it, breaks it, bends it, spins it, sometimes if necessary he will tear it all down and start from scratch until he reaches the shape that he desired and had envisioned from the very beginning of the process. The final process is the fire, here the clay will be placed in the fire and this is what will make it strong and durable. The fire will make it stay in the way that the master wants it to be.

Just like this, We also have a process that we have to go thru and this process won’t be easy, for we will now be dealing with God Himself. He knows the contents of your heart and if you allow Him, Only if you let Him, He will break you, tear you up, melt you down so that He can make you New, so that you can be Just the way His Perfect Will Desires and He will submerge you in Himself,”The Consuming Fire”(Hebrews 12:29),  so that you can stay strong and firm in Him.

Brokenness of a truthfully surrendered heart, it will not be easy, but its and will be Forever Lasting Worth It.

I encourage you my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, to seek after Jesus with a Renewed mind and lets start doing things because its God’s Will, not because We want to or feel like or its a good idea to do something, NO. Keep seeking His face in your prayer closet, no matter what.  Be different, be radical, Die to Christ so that He can Live in You.

Pastor David Wilkerson has this sermon where he speaks in a more explained and orderly way about Brokenness.

Click Here to read it.

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  1. Thank you for the post, that is inspiring to me.

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